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About Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the oldest medicine known to us. Cultures throughout the world have well documented systems of herbal use stretching back into antiquity.


Ancient texts show that humans recorded the medicinal uses of the plants around them. Undoubtedly, our ancestors used plants as medicines before written records began. The majority of the world's population rely on herbal medicines for their healthcare even today.


Plants are amazing chemical factories, they produce a complex "cocktail" of natural chemicals that varies from species to species. Different types of plant have different effects on our bodies.


Medical herbalists use extracts of the whole plant, keeping each plants unique beneficial chemical cocktail. Used in this way, herbs nourish us, supporting the body's natural processes, helping to restore balance and efficient function to the body and mind.


Today, an increasing body of modern scientific research is revealing just how plants can enhance our general well being and treat our ailments. In our fast paced world of "quick fix" cures , plant medicines, as prescribed by a trained medical herbalist, offer a gentle, but effective approach to maintaining health and treating illness, with few side effects. 

Huddersfield Medical Herbalist


(Bellis Perennis)

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