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The Consultations

Herbal medicine is gentle medicine, it works slowly to effect change within us, supporting the body's natural processes and thus gradually helping our bodies and minds to heal.

The first consultation lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. This is a really valuable opportunity to discuss in depth your physical and emotional health.


A Medical Herbalist is a true healthcare partner who is dedicated to carefully listening to you and to understanding your unique health "picture". It is very important to understand that this unique picture of you underpins the work of the Medical Herbalist - we use herbs to treat the person, not the disease.


For many people, the first consultation is a revelatory experience and may be the first time they have had the chance to explore their health in such detail. This exchange is vitally important for the Medical Herbalist who takes into consideration the symptoms discussed but will also be carefully investigating the underlying causes of ill health.


During the consultation the herbalist will ask questions about your current and past medical history, emotional wellbeing, family health, diet and exercise details. At the end of the consultation, with your permission, a blood pressure check and other relevant physical assessments will take place. The herbalist uses all of this information to choose the most appropriate combination of herbs for you.


Herbal medicine can work well alongside orthodox medicines, so even people who are already taking medicine from their Doctor can benefit from herbal treatment. You will be asked to bring any current medication with you to the consultation, so that it can be taken into consideration when formulating your herbal treatment. Medical Herbalists will only prescribe herbs that will not interact with medicines from your Doctor.


Even though two people may consult the herbalist for the same complaint, their herbal mixtures are likely to be quite different - this reflects the fact that each person is unique and has different reasons for their ill health.


Subsequent consultations are shorter, typically half to three quarters of an hour. You will be seen two weeks after the first meeting and then usually at monthly intervals, depending on your individual needs. At these meetings, your progress is evaluated and your herbal medicine may be altered to suit your changing requirements. 

Huddersfield Medical Herbalist


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