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"As a sufferer of arthritis, pain killers were the only relief offered by my doctors, however, having had herbal medicine specially prepared for me by Mrs Sue Salmon, Medical Herbalist, I find my joints are more flexible, less painful and enable me to live a better life. Many thanks, Sue, for your help."

"My two year old son was struggling with eczema, upset tummies and generally not being happy, when I decided to try herbal medicine. Just two weeks after the first appointment we noticed a remarkable change. Through diet, along with herbal tinctures, I can honestly say he's a different little boy. 

Eight months from our first appointment, my son no longer has any eczema on his body. Upset stomachs are a thing of the past and he is a very happy, contented little boy.

My six year old daughter was suffering with a strange rash that doctors could only recommend antibiotics for, so we came to see Susan and within six weeks it had cleared up. We've got through the winter without sleepless nights because of colds that go onto her chest. Her immune system is now able to fight things she picks up at school, thanks to Susan's herbs. It's definitely herbal medicine all the way for us a family, from now on."

" I would not normally have gone to see a Medical Herbalist, but my friend bought me a gift token for the Herbalist. After much nagging by my friend, I made an appointment. I was quite sceptical, but went anyway. I have been ill on and off for most of my life. Endometriosis, cystitis, coughs and colds etc. I kept getting cystitis, then I'd get some antibiotics from the GP and the cycle would start over again. Followed by endometriosis pain, no energy - just pain, followed by pain (a vicious cycle). Which in time makes you depressed.

Sue has made a BIG difference in my life, that I thought not possible. Over the last few months the pain has lessened a great deal - even had a couple of weeks without pain (Hooray). For me thats a BIG deal. Cystitis is also much better. I would really recommend seeing Sue, she is a very caring, compassionate person. Sue has been the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Herbs are brilliant too."

S.D. Stainland

F.W. Barnsley


B.D, Bradford

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